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Licensing is a grant of permission issued to a Healthcare Establishment (HCE) by the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) under the PHC Act 2010 for the use of any premises or conveyance as a Healthcare Establishment.
Renewal and Revocation of License
Renewal of License
The license shall be renewed after 5 years from the original licensure date after an inspection survey is conducted by the PHC
  • The Healthcare Establishment shall make a request for the renewal of its License prior to the expiration date.
  • A renewed License shall not be issued unless the License fee is received by the PHC.
  • The license may not be renewed if the PHC regulations and/or requirements are not met.
Revocation of License
A License granted to a HCE can be suspended or revoked or refused for renewal if it fails to comply with the standards set forth in the MSDS, violates provisions of the PHC Act 2010, involved in instances of serious medical negligence and system failures, indulges in fraud or misrepresentation to obtain a License, refuses to undergo inspection and/or fails to comply with the Licensing Regulations of the PHC.
Introduction to Licensing
Types of Licensing
Licensing Process
Licensing Fee
Renewal & Revocation of Licensing
Registration Form
License Form
Provisional Licensees
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