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The Directorate of Patient Rights and Complaints ensures that all complaints are efficiently and effectively managed and the final outcomes delivered are in accordance with the demands of justice and accountability.
Role of Complaint Management
The Punjab Healthcare Commission acts as a quasi-judicial body with powers to undertake investigation into allegations of mal-administration, mal-practice, or failure on part of any healthcare service provider in the provision of healthcare services. Any person who is not satisfied with the services rendered to him at a hospital, diagnostic centre, medical clinics, nursing home, maternity home, dental clinic, homeopathy clinic, Tibb clinic, acupuncture, physiotherapy clinic may make a complaint to the Commission. The Commission not only safeguards the rights of the patients but also has the power to take cognizance of any case of harassment of a healthcare service provider or damage to any healthcare establishment. The Commission also has powers to issue summons, administer oaths, receive evidence on affidavits and compel production of documents. The Commission is empowered to direct executive authorities and law enforcement agencies for implementation of its orders and decisions.
Scope of Complaints
The Commission may investigate into a wide variety of matters some examples are enlisted below:
Inordinate delay in provision of medical care;
Failure to take informed consent;
Failure to maintain adequate services for clinical management including but not limited to, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow up;
Undertaking the management of a patient without the availability of requisite competence, human resource, equipment or other facilities related thereto, Inadequate clinical assessment and/or diagnosis;
Failure to keep, maintain or secure record including medical record, in accordance with the Standards (MSDS) prescribed by the Commission;
Failure to foresee and take comprehensive precautionary measures against system failures and/or possible mishaps;
Inappropriate and unjustifiable costs of services or procedures;
Violation of rights provided in the Charters;
Inadequate recordkeeping;
Failure to prevent unnecessary diagnosis and or treatment;
Failure to install systems to prevent cases of sexual harassment, and or improper conduct, such as unbecoming at the healthcare establishment;
Failure to release patient records;
Failure to install systems to prevent substance abuse;
Billing or documentary fraud;
Flawed medical condition(s) or qualification(s) of the staff and other members of the Healthcare Establishment, whether rendering healthcare services or not and including but not limited to, those having contractual relationship with the Healthcare Establishment or the Healthcare Service Provider, as the case may be;
Failure to implement or comply with the Standards;
Harassment of Healthcare Service Provider or member of the staff of the Healthcare Establishment including but not limited to, verbal, psychological or physical harassment;
Damage to the reputation of the Healthcare Establishment; Damage to the property of the Healthcare Establishment;
Quackery; or Sale of drugs without prescription.
Introduction to Complaints
Role of Complaint Management
Legal Mandate
Complaint Form for Patients
Complaint Form for HCSP
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