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"Quacks are agile. They never sleep. They sense quickly and rush in to exploit people’s real concerns. But education and regulation can reduce the toll they take in wasted resources and human suffering."
James Harvey Young, Phd.
Legal Mandate for combating quackery under the PHC Act, 2010
Whereas it is expedient to provide for establishment of the Punjab Healthcare Commission, to make provisions for the improvement of quality of healthcare services, to ban quackery in all its forms and manifestations and to provide for ancillary matters;
Legal mandate Relevant Provisions
The PHC Act defines a quack as a pretender providing health services without having registration of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, National Council for Tibb, National Council for Homeopathy and Pakistan Nursing Council;
Section 2 (xxix)
Functions and Powers of the Commission
The Commission has been empowered to take necessary steps to ban quackery in all its forms and manifestation
Section 4(2) (q)
The Commission shall coordinate with the Government in the performance of its functions.
Section 4(4) (b)
The Commission is also obliged to take measures and devise a strategy to counter sale of drugs without prescription.
Section 4(9)
Registration and Licensing
The Commission has been empowered to impose a fine which may extend to five hundred thousand rupees upon a healthcare service provider or who pretends to be a healthcare service provider without registration with the PHC.
Section 13(5)
Inspection and Enforcement
Where it appears to the Commission that the circumstances of a case warrant action under any other law, the Commission may refer such case to the concerned governmental authorities or law enforcement agencies for appropriate action under relevant laws.
Section 26(2)
The Commission may impose a fine of up to five hundred thousand rupees for contravention of a provision of the PHC Act, or the rules and regulations framed thereunder.
Section 28
All executive authorities and law enforcement agencies of the Government are liable to act in aid of the Commission.
Section 36
Legal Mandate
Anti-quackery Strategy
Health Hazards
Actions Against Quacks
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