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"Quacks are agile. They never sleep. They sense quickly and rush in to exploit people’s real concerns. But education and regulation can reduce the toll they take in wasted resources and human suffering."
James Harvey Young, Phd.
The Punjab Healthcare Commission is pursuing the enforcement of the ban on quackery mainly in two ways, firstly through exclusion of quacks by registration and licensing of qualified professionals; and secondly through a responsive and evenhanded Complaints Management System that ensures that the unqualified / unregistered practitioners and unlawful establishments are brought to book.

The Commission has developed a comprehensive Anti-Quackery Strategy, which provides a clear road map for eradication of quackery, including a detailed action plan with specific roles and responsibilities assigned to concerned stakeholders.
Anti-Quackery Campaign
The Punjab Healthcare Commission has launched an anti-quackery campaign whereby quacks imperiling the health and safety of susceptible people will be systematically identified and apprehended. In this regard, advertisements have been printed in leading newspapers inviting medical professionals and the public at large to give information about unqualified practitioners guilty of deceiving patients and spreading dangerous diseases.
Collaboration with District Government
The Commission has authorized district administrations in all districts of Punjab to seal the premises of quacks under the provisions of the PHC Act, 2010. In order to ensure that appropriate legal action is taken against quacks, the PHC has initiated orientation workshops for district administration officers.
Legal Mandate
Anti-quackery Strategy
Health Hazards
Actions Against Quacks
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