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"Quacks are agile. They never sleep. They sense quickly and rush in to exploit people’s real concerns. But education and regulation can reduce the toll they take in wasted resources and human suffering."
James Harvey Young, Phd.
Health Hazards
According to estimates, about 270,000 quacks are practicing unlawfully and providing healthcare services to patients/consumers who are enticed by the low cost of services offered by quacks. Such patients expose themselves to various health hazards often resulting in dire consequences.
A few health hazards associated with quackery are:
Obesity, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis:
Indiscriminate use of steroids can cause obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis (fragile bones prone to frequent fractures and pains).
Hepatitis and HIV Aids:
Unsafe injections and unsterilized instruments for dental procedures contribute to the spreading of lethal infections like HIV Aids and Hepatitis.
Mal-union, Gangrene, Deformity and Disability:
Maltreatment of fractures by unqualified and untrained practitioners can lead to permanent deformity or disability due to mal-union of bones and even gangrene.
Organ damage, Hemorrhage, Tetanus:
Reckless surgical procedures by quacks have fatal consequences for their patients such as hemorrhage, organ damage and tetanus etc. Such quacks also include licensed practitioners who exceed the mandate of their license, e.g. LHVs performing Cesarean Sections etc.
Nerve damage and Paralysis:
Wrong site injections administered by quacks often lead to nerve damage and paralysis.
Drug Resistant strains of Infections:
Injudicious and rampant use of antibiotics has often led to the development of drug resistant strains of infections in patients.
Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) Tuberculosis:
indiscriminate use and inadequate dosage of anti TB drugs leads to the spread of multi drug resistant tuberculosis in the communities.
Addiction to Drugs:
Reckless use of controlled drugs leads to lifelong addiction among patients.
Multi-Organ Failure:
Medicating patients with heavy metals and substandard kushtas by the quacks is a common cause of multiple organ failure.
Infertility, Septicemia:
Illegally performed abortions by quacks can cause Infertility, septicemia or even death.
Legal Mandate
Anti-quackery Strategy
Health Hazards
Actions Against Quacks
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