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Clinical Governance
Clinical Governance is a framework through which organizations are accountable for continually improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish (Donaldson & Scaly)
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is MSDS?

The Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) define a set of benchmarks for minimum level of mandatory services that a healthcare establishment (HCE) is responsible to deliver and patients have a right to expect. It entails a package of yardsticks essential for all the healthcare establishments at primary, secondary and tertiary levels in Punjab to improve measure and assess their performance towards ensuring quality of healthcare service delivery.

What is the importance of MSDS?

The Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) encompass salient elements of healthcare system requirements as well as service standards that can be easily implemented by a healthcare establishment and monitored by the Punjab Healthcare Commission through an objective and transparent evaluation process to assess a healthcare establishment’s level of compliance with the standards.

How were the MSDS developed?

The PHC Act 2010 mandates the Commission to develop, publish and enforce Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) which heralds the beginning of a new paradigm of healthcare service delivery framework in Punjab. The MSDS are developed by the Punjab Healthcare Commission through a collaborative approach, bringing together healthcare experts, healthcare practitioners from medical fraternity, Homeopathy, Tibb and other key stakeholders from public and private sector to ensure open debate, and use of scientific knowledge and bring in broad based consensus.

What is the role of PHC in implementation of MSDS at HCEs?

The PHC has published and disseminated the MSDS amongst the key stakeholders. The PHC is also facilitating and guiding Healthcare Establishments (HCEs) in implementation of MSDS through developing MSDS Reference Manual and by capacity building of Healthcare Service Providers through standard package of orientation/training on the key features of Standards. Further, the PHC has employed a team of trained surveyors including health experts and subject specialists that survey the healthcare establishments using a standard assessment too (Scoring Matrix) at various stages of issuing a regular-license to a Healthcare Establishment.

How can I request for a copy of the MSDS?

All healthcare service providers are provided copy of the MSDS on submission of an application for a license. A copy of MSDS can also be accessed through the website, or by email, or letter correspondence. In the case of a doctor, the PMDC registration number is required in order to get a copy. It is pertinent to mention that copies of the MSDS and reference manual are provided to the participants nominated by the HCEs for attending the training by the PHC. The issued manuals are required to be taken on hospital stock and should remain in the custody of the hospital management for further in house training and for providing photocopies of the relevant sections to the concerned staff. The hospital is also responsible for safeguarding and handing over the MSDS manuals to the next incumbent staff on the occasion of change or transfer.

How and When Will I be informed on the training for MSDS?

The PHC will contact the healthcare service provider via letter and phone to give details on the training and confirmation for participation. The trainings are organized in a phased manner in each district as per the training need.

What are the next steps after we have been trained?

The participant/s trained is/are responsible for imparting further in- house training to the rest of the staff of each department of the hospital. A focal person is also responsible to coordinate implementation activities in the HCE, self-assessment of the compliance, communicate to the PHC the implementation status and any other required follow up.
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