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The Punjab Healthcare Commission is an equal opportunity employer. Everyone who applies to PHC receives thorough consideration without any regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, social status, or political ideologies/affiliation.
Bid Evaluation Report
Sr. NoTitle of TenderUploaded DateDownload Report
1Hiring of Services for Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan and Group Life Plan (Takaful Coverage)22-05-2024
2Installation of Rear Sports LID in Toyota Revo Vehicles17-05-2024
3Procurement of General Stationery, Janitorial and Misc. Items15-05-2024
4Hiring of Services of Security Firm30-04-2024
5Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment15-03-202426-04-2024
6Procurement of General Stationery Items16-02-2024
7SMS Short Code Service23-01-2024
8Printing of PHC Branded Stationery04-01-2024
9Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment04-01-2024
10Procurement of Furniture & Fixture, IT and Electrical Equipment04-01-2024
11Procurement of Janitorial and Misc. Items 22-12-2023
12Services for PHC Helpline/Call Center28-11-2023
13Procurement of Location Tracking SIMs21-11-2023
14Procurement of Uniform17-11-2023
15Hiring of Services of Hotels02-11-2023
16Procurement of CIR Internet Connection/Service 01-11-2023
17Procurement of Furniture & Fixture and Electrical Appliances21-08-20215-09-2023
18Procurement of Electrical Equipment07-09-2023
19Procurement of Tyres31-08-2023
20Renewal of Bitdefender Gravity Zone Advance Business Security (one year License for 400 users)09-08-2023
21Procurement of Toners27-07-2023
22Procurement of Services for Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan and Group Life Plan (Takaful Coverage)13-06-2023
23Hiring of Services for Takaful Coverage of PHC Assets25-05-2023
24Procurement of Generator and Tripod Turnstile18-05-2023
25Procurement of Misc. Equipment and Furniture/Fixture17-05-2023
26Hiring of Services of Security Firm11-05-2023
27Procurement of Security Items/Equipment11-05-2023
28Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment10-05-2023
29Renewal of Annual Subscription of Firewall (Sangfor M5200)14-03-2023
30Hiring of Services of Courier Firm02-02-2023
31Hiring of Tracker Services20-01-2023
32Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment10-01-2023
33Procurement of Uniform19-12-2022
34Pre-qualification of Workshops for Repair & Maintenance of Official Vehicles15-12-2022
35Procurement of General Stationery Items14-12-2022
36Comprehensive Takaful Coverage of official Vehicles 05-12-2022
37Hiring of Services of Hotels01-11-2022
38Procurement of Tyres10-10-2022
39Procurement of Janitorial Items09-09-2022
40Services for Renewal of Annual Subscription of Existing Antivirus Solution12-08-2022
42Procurement Cutlery & Crockery02-06-2022
43Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment30-05-2022
44Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment30-05-2022
45Procurement of Toners13-05-2022
46Hiring of Services of Security Firm22-03-2022
47Short Code SMS Service02-03-2022
48Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment31-01-2022
49Installation of Trackers in Vehicles03-12-2021
50Pre-qualification of Workshops for Repair & Maintenance of Official Vehicles15-11-2021
51Repair of Hiace Van03-11-2021
52Printing & Supply of PHC Branded Stationery27-10-2021
53Hiring the Services of Hotels07-10-2021
54Procurement of Toners for Konica Minolta Photocopiers15-09-2021
55Printing of MSDS-RM for RDCs09-09-2021
56Procurement of Uniform09-09-2021
57Services for PHC Helpline/Call Center12-08-2021
58Renewal of Annual Subscription of Antivirus Solution06-08-2021
59Procurement of Services for Takaful Coverage of Vehicles and Installation of Trackers in all vehicles09-07-2021
60Procurement of Tyres23-06-2021
61Procurement of Tyres23-04-2021
62Hiring of Services for Takaful Coverage of the PHC Assets13-04-2021
63Procurement of Janitorial Items31-03-2021
64Hiring of Rental Vehicle Services05-03-2021
65Procurement of General Stationery Items02-03-2021
66Procurement of Tyres20-01-2021
67Hiring of Rental Vehicle Services23-12-2020
68Procurement of Misc. IT Equipment22-12-2020
69Printing of MSDS-RM for RDCs15-12-2020
70Procurement of Toners and IP Phones29-10-2020
71Printing & Supply of PHC Branded Stationery28-08-2020
72Renewal of Enterprise Antivirus Annual Subscription28-07-2020
73Procurement of Uniform02-07-2020
74Repair & Maintenance of Single Cabin Hilux Vehicles (Conversion of Eight (08)Single Cabin Hilux into 4 Door-Double Cabin through Framework Contract)16-06-2020
75Procurement of Services for Comprehensive Health Takaful Plan and Group Life Takaful Plan07-06-2020
76Procurement of Janitorial Items13-03-2020
77Hiring of Services of Security firm24-01-2020
78Printing & Supply of PHC Business Cards23-12-2019
79Printing of PHC Annual Report10-12-2019
Bid Evaluation Report
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